Saturday, July 30, 2011


As I write this, I am sitting in a repair shop in riverdale, georgia. I have blogged previously about my hot whip issues, which apparently are related to a broken condeser fan. I thought a broken condenser fan was a comfort issue more than a safety issue, and after finding out this repair would run me 300 bones, I was reluctant to get it fixed. Husband pushed, because he's tired of hearing me complain and because the guy fixing the condenser fan is doing it as a favor to Husband. I'm so glad he pushed. As I was driving down to riverdale, I got stuck in some bad traffic (construction traffic-the worst!!) so trying to make the best of the situation, I start jamming out. I like to make the beat drop when I'm cruising on the southside. Anywho, I happen to look at my temperature gauge and notice that it's high...really really high. Then, my car cuts the middle lane. Total jackass moment.

But I did manage to get here, to johnny's, and I'm getting a new condenser fan as we speak. South Atlanta is not a place where many folks would want to be broken down. Luckily, I have something in common with everyone down here. I, too, am an aspiring rapper. Dr Dizzle is out, yo.

Friday, July 29, 2011

So I have an idea...

So, I have really been wanting an old, vintage steamer trunk to use as a coffee table.
But I have been struggling to find one that is 1.)inexpensive 2.) the right size 3.) not a total piece of garbage...I'm thinking about going in a different direction. That direction, you wonder?

Be still my heart! Oh Restoration Hardware, how I adore thee!

But, I don't like the color, or the material, or the height and I think this would be a fun project to DIY. (It doesn't hurt that I saw a similar DIY on pintrest today, which really pumped up the confidence level) So, here is what I'm thinking...

Purchase 4 table legs from Lowes like this:

Attach the legs to a plywood or mdf square, put some foam padding on top and upholster that b.

Famous last words-how hard could it be??!!

Why I'll always be...ITP

Oh, the age old ITP or OTP debate...Most are fiercely passionate about which side they're on, and so, it is important to tread lightly on the subject, so you don't unintentionally (or intentionally-maybe you just like to offend folks)offend someone. I will likely offend, it seems to be something I do often and quite well, so I'm just going to accept the gifts god gave me and go with it.

ITP=Inside the Perimeter OTP=Outside the Perimeter

Now, being from Cairo, where there is no perimeter, just the rich neighborhood, the hill and the country, I was not privy to this whole ITP/OTP war or the stigma that is associated with choosing one side or the other. When I moved to Atlanta, I wanted to live as close to my work as possible, as the only thing worse than living in the wrong neighborhood is traffic.

So my first apartment was a cute little 700 square foot 1 bedroom, I could make it to work in just under 4 minutes.

Cute, right?
Only problem, I was OTP. Granted, I was only like 1/4 of a mile OTP, but I was OTP none the less. My friends wouldn't come over because it was "too far". I felt isolated. Alone. I fell into a deep OTP depression-I was living in the land of arby's and wal-mart, when I longed for genki and phipps plaza. I vowed, on that summer day in 2005, I would be an ITP-er, come hell, high water or a stint in a "transitional neighborhood".

Now, if you live OTP, thats ok. The schools are more consistent. You can buy a 3000 square foot house in East Cobb for like 250,000, maybe less. Taxes are a lot lower. You're closer to the outlets and midevil times. You can live next door to the real housewives of atlanta (because none of them actually live in atlanta)!!!

But guess what I can do that you can't? I can walk to MARTA, I can walk to bars AND I can walk to Lenox or Phipps (which means I can avoid traffic and parking congestion caused by OTP-ers). I work OTP, which means, when I drive to work, I am going against traffic (because for some reason, people that live OTP work ITP) and I am laughing at all you fools sitting in traffic on PIB! hahahahahaha!

Husband and I can go to dinner at a Buckhead restaurant and rub elbows with Andre 3000 or Tom Selleck any time we want-no planning here (you know, who's going to drive? how are we going to get home if we have a couple of drinks? how are we going to get our car in the morning if we have to take a taxi? how much is a taxi from buckhead to roswell? 100 bucks??!!! nevermind, I won't drink).

Yes, for real, I met Tom Selleck. I told him I loved him in "3 Men and a Baby" and shook his hand. Softest hands I have ever felt in my life.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jewelry Display

Here is the finished product!!

I made this almost entirely so that I could hang my pearl stella and dot bib necklace...its a beautiful necklace and I didn't have ANYWHERE to put it!! I hung the display next to my bathroom sink, so when im getting ready/getting undressed my jewelry is right there! Here is my TUTORIAL if you want to make one, too!

I know its tough to see the hardware, because I managed to use the busiest patterned fabric I could find, but I fashioned this little number with drawer pulls and a couple of cast iron(ish) coat hooks! I think it's quite stylish (and quite practical!)

(Here is my original inspiration, from

Cookie Cutter

Who ever coined the term "cookie cutter" when referring to perfection, obviously hasn't seen my cookies.

So want to see what I've been up to?
They were suppose to look like llamas, promise. So a llama walks into a bar and says "come here often?"

This llama is a little bicurious.

Haha, Bi-curious.What What?

My rolling pin. I'm so resourceful.

The one in the back looks a little bit like an ostrich.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well, It's Wednesday...

So Amanda at The Phillips Family started doing "What I love Wednesdays" so I copied her. Imitation is the finest form of flattery, right?

So, what do I love?

Oyster Bay, Nectar of the Gods

Toddlers and Tiaras. Nuff Said.

And Greta Belle. She's mommy's lil princess

TLC Press Opportunities

I just got an email from TLC's publicity department regarding my upcoming appearance on "Say Yes to the Dress-Atlanta"! I guess I was dramatic enough to make the cut. I am just PRAYING I don't look like a total jerk or embarass myself or my husband!!

Can't worry about it now! PS-My wedding (and dresses) =

Keep Moving-Part 2 of Everybody's Business

Sometimes, I try not to be nosy, but its kind of like Greta trying not to drink out of the toilet, it goes against nature. Case in point-there was a terrible auto accident in the intersection just outside my office building. I took pictures. I know, I know, it was in terrible taste and I'll likely rot in a firey pit of eternal damnation, but I couldn't help it. I'm nosy.

I'm also quite furious that this accident happened.

The original intersection flowed something like this:
The right lane southbound could only turn right onto RG PKWY and those on RG PKWY wishing to turn right onto PIB could do so, without yielding. In fact, there was a sign that said "Keep Moving".
(Like this-and yes, the cars in front of me are not moving)

Now, the intersection looks like this:
Now the right lane southbound can continue straight on and those wishing turn turn right onto PIB must yield to oncoming traffic.

The problem I had, they didn't tell anyone. I mean, sure, the DOT doesn't have to tell anyone, but they didnt even take down the "Keep Moving" sign until a month ago. AND, the previous layout had been like that for YEARS, so it would probably be in the best interest of everyone if you put up a sign that says "Please yield to oncoming traffic"....or SOMETHING!

About two months ago, I nearly got T-Boned making a right onto PIB from RG PKWY. The "Keep Moving" sign was still up, I didn't realize that the lanes had been altered, and box truck came barrelling through the intersection in the far right lane...scared the daylights out of me. Husband suggested I write an anonymous letter to the DOT explaining my concerns, but lets be honest-they probably don't care. The changes were because so many people complained about traffic congestion-I would rather be stuck in traffic than dead, but thats just me.

Everyone in the office has been speculating that one of two things happened, that the upside down car ran the redlight and the truck (not in the picture) hit them, causing them to flip, or that one of the cars was turning onto PIB and was hit by the other car.

Im curious as to what happened, might have to request a copy of the accident report! (I am also praying that everyone is ok-the SCRT Unit was on the scene when I was leaving work at 5:30. Co-worker said the accident occured at about 4:30)

***UPDATE*** I spent a little while listening to the archives of the Gwinnett County Fire and Rescue (I cant help it!) and one person had to be extracted, but refused treatment and another person was taken to the hospital, Code 1. One of my co-workers wife heard from the mail man that the lady driving the upside down car had passed away, and the truck that was in the intersection had run the redlight and hit her. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dr. Dizzle, PHD in Googling

Cyberchondria (or cyberchondriasis) refers to the unfounded escalation of concerns about common symptomology based on review of search results and literature online.

Did you know that two diet cokes a day doubles your risk of miscarriage? Did you know that drinking coffee causes placental abruption? Did you know that covering your food in tin foil leads to alzheimers? Vitamin D deficient women have a 50% greater likelyhood of getting breast cancer? Speaking of breast cancer, caffeine consumption is linked to fybroid adenomas, which women with fybroid adenomas are a greater likelyhood of dying of breast cancer? Did you know diet coke causes infertility? As does obesity and malnutrition. Did you know parents of children who have ADHD are more stressed out? Did you know children with ADHD have trouble crossing the street safely (seriously). Did you know Bieber really does cause a Fever?

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I'm a cyberchondriac. As I drink my 6th diet coke of the day, i am overcome with guilt that my love of aspertame sweetened caffinated goodness will prohibit my ability to procreate. But then again, is it worth bringing a child into the world if you cant pass along your love of diet soft drinks?

Speaking of children, I traumatized my nephew by telling him "don't eat raw cookie dough, you'll get worms". I wasnt confident in my ability to explain to a 4 year that cookie dough contains raw eggs and eating raw eggs can cause salmonella poisoning...and since Salmonella kind of look like worms (they're rod shaped), I went with the most basic of description. Salmonella=Worms. He took me literally, and so I spent the next hour trying to calm a hysterical 4 year old who was CONVINCED he "TASTED WORMS!!!!!" My most recent google research indicates that my reference to cookie dough as having worms will create a lasting fear of cookie dough in my nephew.

Cyberchondria-1, Steffy Bad News-0

Everybody's Business

I'm nosy. It's probably a side effect of growing up in Cairo, granted, you didn't have to be nosy in Cairo, you just had to be within earshot of the latest dirty little secret, but regardless, I don't like to be out of the loop on ANYTHING.

I like to know peoples business. Even if I don't know a person, I still want to know their business. I subscribe to a number of gossip magazines (some of which Husband has classified as "trashy"-he OBVIOUSLY doesn't get it), I read the announcement section of 6 different newspapers (just to see if i know who's getting married, if their husband/wife is unfortunate, etc) and if googling was a college degree, I'd have my Doctorate.

Sidenote, my rapper name has officially changed from Dizzle to Dr. Dizzle.

But in all seriousness, while I like to know everything about everyone, I don't like to see people hurt...and when they are, well, I like to have a resolution. I like to understand the whys of the world... Like, oh Maria Shriver and Arnold are getting a divorce...BECAUSE he had an affair. When there are no answers...that's when I have to just pray.

So, please let me know if you find Amy Winehouse's toxicology reports before I do...Or if you find the cure for all infertility-I have some friends that need babies right now!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

DIY Jewelry Display Frame

So remember when I said I was going to make one of those jewelry display frame things? Well, here's where I'm at (with directions!)
Now, the first thing I did was paint the frame (I purchased just a frame from Hobby Lobby, it was kind of an oaky color, but since it was on clearance for $1.61-I bought it) and cut the cork board to fit inside the frame. I used cork because i had it...I'm sure you could use plywood or mdf). I also ironed my fabric and fused a lightweight interfacing. Medium weight probably would have been better, but I didnt have any handy.

Here, I have marked where I'll need to drill holes to attach the hardware.

The next step is to drill holes where you have marked the corkboard. I did not take pictures, because its pretty self explainatory.

Now, one of the things I couldn't figure out how I would know, is where the hardware would go once i covered the corkboard in fabric. Then it hit me-instead of covering the front of the board (where i made my drill marks) I would cover the back!! So, if you're reading this and have not yet started, you will make your drill marks on the back of the board :)

I then covered the cork board and stapled with my handy dandy staple gun, pulling the fabric tight and wrapping it kind of like a present.

Now, all you need to do is insert the bolts into the pre-drilled holes.

As the bolt was coming through the front side, I took my seam ripper and cut just enough so that the bolt could sneak through. I used my seam ripper b/c I didn't want the hole to be too big.

Voila! I still have to attach the other hardware, but I wasnt able to find any screws that would work, so Ill have to make a trip to Lowes...which is good, because this won't work...

***UPDATE*** I was able to resolve my hardware problem by using actual bolts. They were slightly shorter than what came with the knob...I also didn't need to use any nuts!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Do you know where you are???? You're in the jungle baby!

Sometimes, Greta Belle and I like to play a little game called "Where's Greta?" (She's in this picture somewhere!!)

But in all seriousness, our backyard is a nightmare. Its gotten to the point where, I don't even know where to start with getting it in order! Help!!

You know what I hate most about my backyard? These guys.
Granted, I cant do anything about them because the tree is in the neighbor's yard (and for some reason, it only over hangs my yard...)but I hate them. I was out one afternoon working on my (fruitless) garden and I slipped on one and busted my rear (and landed on one..had a gumball sized bruise and couldnt sit for 3 days).

I would like for my yard to be crashed right now!!

I guess, since I am showing off my backyard, I should show you my garden. My super AWESOME garden. hah. It's a good thing I dont rely on it for food, or else I would starve.

But I do have cucumbers...lots and lots of cucumbers!

I know you're impressed.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Everybody's Looking Forward to the Weekend!

Gotta get down on Friday! Yes, I know, I am probably the only person who wasn't totally annoyed with that song-its have got to give her that!

I have big plans this weekend. BIG. Actually, its only big to me. Taking my whip to get cooled. So I will have a Kool Whip. Yes, hopefully, after Saturday (which comes after today, making it tomorrow-thank you Rebecca Black, I would not have known that if not for your catchy little diddy about the days of the week)I will have an A/C that works 100% of the time, instead of 50% of the time.

Yes I realize this is only important to those of us who are forced to drive Hot Whips instead of Kool Whips, which would be me.


I love my husband. He is the most amazing, compassionate, charming wonderful man and he is the perfect partner for me. He's smart, he's funny and he is an impeccable dresser. But he is a rascal if there ever was one...and here is why.

On my way home from work last night, I stopped by Awesome Publix (the new Publix at Town Brookhaven-Ahhhhh-Maaaayyyy-ZINGGGGG!) and picked up a little something to cook for dinner. As im walking to my car, I notice the sky is an ominous gray and hurry home to unload the groceries before the heavens open up. I get the groceries unloaded, the chicken in the oven, Greta Belle fed and relieved, and finally sit down on the couch to enjoy my wine and a little "True Life-I hate my roommate" (totally serious).

Husband comes home, super psyched about his day, super psyched about my cooking...not super psyched to see "True Life-I hate my roommate" on the TV. Husband and I don't exactly see eye to eye when it comes to reality television (I can occasionally get him to watch "Swamp People" but only as a special favor to me). He implores me, "Pleeeeeaaaase, lets watch the news!" (only tv I love more than toddlers and tiaras is the local news), so I'm like, you know, I could use a little Brenda Wood right now, lets do it-11 Alive it is! (PS-11 Alive is not my favorite. I am OBSESSED with CBS Better Mornings Atlanta. That Jennifer Valdez is just so charming...I would totally be her BFF..)

Mistake #1-Not getting Husband to specify the kind of "news" we'd be watching. Yes, folks, that's sports center.

Husband-1, Stephie Bad News-0.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

To-Do List (Maybe more like Want To-Do List)

I've had so many ideas lately that I've been struggling to keep track of everything I want to do. So I'm going to just do it-I'm going to MAKE A LIST! So, here goes my list...


BACKYARD! Something has to be done with our backyard. I don't want to even imagine what is lurking back there. Prior to us purchasing our home, it had been a rental property for 20+ years. Renters (in general) are not proactive about maintaining a yard and as as result, our backyard houses every weed, bug or vermin known to man. Heck, there might even be some unknown species back there. Wouldn't surprise me AT ALL.

Home Projects (Start or Finish)

Kitchen Curtains/Roman Shade

Weather-Proof Side Door

Build Craft Space* (more to follow)

Organize Bathroom

Dog Beds for KC

Jewelry Display (something like this-

Camera Case (not that there is anything wrong with my current camera case, people just look at me weird when I pull my $1000 camera out of a plastic Kroger bag)

I know thats not all, I just can't seem to think of anything else right now. Probably b/c I have't been pinning yet today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

While I'm at it...

For some reason, the idea of this blog has really energized me and gotten me totally pumped about everything! Actually, I lie, approx 3 hours ago I was having a bona fide hissy fit, since my car A/C has been on the fritz since last summer. Living in Atlanta, I'm sure you're wondering how I have survived this long driving a car with no A/C in a city with a summer heat index of 100 degrees? Well, my A/C doesn't work half of the time. The other half, it does work. It's only when it isn't working that I have a meltdown (I'm witty, I know). But, the glorious thing about ADD is it works both ways-I quickly forget my car A/C doesn't work (half the time) when I'm not in it. So, since I have been inside for the past 3 hours, I've had time to chill (get it?) and refocus my attention to more positive things, like pintrest ...

Pintrest is to girls what dirty magazines are to boys. If you aren't careful, you'll find yourself pinning when you should be doing your homework. When I was younger, like most girls, I had a three ring binder full of pictures of my future husband (John Bon Jovi, don't judge), future children, future wedding dress (I just KNEW I was going to wear the same dress Kim Basinger wore in "My Step-Mother is an Alien) get the picture.

Now, instead of a notebook, I have boards filled with pictures of my future kitchen, my future laundry room, my future projects, my future nursery...

It's an amazing source of inspiration and as a result, my brain is kind of on overload. There are so many things I want to make, I really don't know where to begin! There's an amazing tutorial for DIY roman shades (remind me to post a picture of my first attempt at roman shades...pitiful to say the least!) and this super cool picture frame thing with drawer hardware attached so you can hang jewelry. Oh! And hairbows, you know, for my future daughter's hair...


Greta Belle! My stinky princess. And her ball, which she goes NOWHERE without. Greta loves balls.

I'm Super Serious, You Guys.

Ok, so I am not off to a fantastic start. You see, I typed out this fantastically sentimental post about how I am going to "start taking this thing seriously" and how I am so excited to document my "progression as a crafter"...

And then I accidentally deleted it. My B.

Basically, here is my deal. My (now husband) bought me a sweet little Janome sewing machine for my 25th birthday. Thrilled, I set out to make all of my Christmas presents that year...

Before I go any further, I must tell you a little about myself. 1.) I am ambitious. A little too ambitious. (I once convinced myself after a couple of hours of googling that I could totally finish my basement if I wanted. Like, frame, drywall, plumb, etc. Really, how hard could it be? I could even finish it in a weekend, like they do on HGTV). 2.) I have ADD. For real. I start out every project with detailed directions, hell bent on not doing half assed work. And then, I get bored. And then I start another project. And before you know it, I have 12 half finished projects and a very annoyed husband. My half assed projects include (but are not limited to) painting and re-screening our side porch (half is the original orange, the other half painted black), Greta's dog bed (my reasoning for not sewing up the final seam is it makes it easier to wash...but really, I was on my 3rd glass of Oyster Bay and there was a really good Dateline on) and, well, I'm going to just stop there before anyone gets the wrong idea.

So, back to my handmade Christmas gifts. My parent's always said that handmade is best because its made with love (or something like that). So, with that "handmade is best" notion in my head, I set out to sew the most beautiful aprons ever made! Armed with 4 yards of counterfit Lilly Pulitzer fabric, a pattern (that I had no idea how to read) and my trusty sewing machine, what came to be were 3 mediocre, crooked, size 3XL "aprons" (I use the term aprons very loosely). I like to think I've come a long way since then, but since I wasn't documenting, its hard to tell.


While I doubt I'll be the next YoungHouseLove (I probably won't even be able to get my Husband to read...and too embarassed to let my family read), hopefully a blog will help me stay accountable for my projects. Who knows? someone might stumble upon (love that website...)my little place on the web and say, "By George! We've found ourselves the next Martha Stewart! Except, she doesn't cook (unless its a chicken and rice casserole)! Or clean (another story)! And she couldn't grow a tomato even if someone gave her a tomato plant, with the tomato already growing on it, and her sole responsibility in this world was to just water the tomato!"

Yes, I can just see it now!