Friday, February 3, 2012

Pregnancy Joys

Lately, I've been experiencing some pregnancy-related self esteem issues. Actually, the entire month of January was fraught with pregnancy related bummers, including, but not limited to:

1.)Retiring my TBs until feet swelling goes down. This was particularly sad, because this occured while shopping in NYC and my SIL told me that I would forever stretch and ruin my fav TBs if I continued to wear them with fat feet syndrome. I had to make an emergency stop at Naturalizer (shoot me now, but at least it wasn't SAS, not that there is ANYTHING wrong with SAS shoes...) to pick up a more practical pair of flats...It was depressing.
Here I am with my much more stylish SILs and MIL, and yes, I am carrying a black purse with a brown sweater. I am a walking fashion train wreck.

2.) Came to the realization that I can't wear heels anymore. Most women can wear heels their entire pregnancy, but apparently, I am not most women. This, too, occured in NYC, when I faceplanted in the middle of a crosswalk. Baby is fine, Mommy's ego is bruised.

3.) Maternity shirts don't fit me anymore. Weirdly, I can still wear most of my pre-pregnancy shirts, but my maternity blouses just aren't fitting the belly anymore.

4.) Yes, I'm only 26 weeks, but I am tired ALL.THE.TIME. Lugging around this extra 20 L-Bs is really wearing me out!

One of my co-workers (who is a guy) sent me about the best email ever yesterday. To preface, I was feeling particularly large, waddling about the office, winded and grumpy. I had just busted a seam in my leggings (which, in my defense, is because Old Navy stuff is el-cheapo and poorly made. I won't make that mistake again) and BBN (baby bad news, for short) was diggin in my ribs. The email said,

"Stephanie, I can’t say I know how you feel, but I did witness my wife struggle through pregnancy 3 times. Here is one of the quotes she had hanging up during her pregnancy that helped her through the rough days:

“Feeling fat lasts nine months but the joy of becoming a mom lasts forever“ By Nikki Dalton"

Now how awesome is that! So there you have it, my new motto for the rough days.

Here is one of my obligatory self portraits. The bathrooms in my house are not exactly conducive for bathroom self portraits, so I'm probably going to have to figure something else out. Standing on the edge of the tub holding onto the shower curtain isn't going to cut it.

At my last appointment (2 weeks ago) bbn was weighing in at a solid 1 pound, 10 ounces, and momma had packed on a respectable (and frightening) 23 pounds.

And here is me before bbn. I will have this body back, heck, itll be even better.

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