Monday, February 6, 2012

Nursery (so far)

I probably shouldn't be showing off a very unfinished nursery. I shouldn't, but I will. Considering this room was a "man den" a mere 3 months ago, the progress is phenomenal. uh-may-zing.

Let me first start by introducing you to my stroller, I call her Laura. Why, Laura, you ask? Because to me, she is much like our pratical, yet classy, former first lady, Laura Bush. She's no flashy bugaboo spending 50K at naughty stores (a first lady that shall remain nameless)

You really have no idea how excited I am about this stroller, and how awesome I am going to look pushing Baby H around Lenox Mall when we're doing our mommy-baby shopping.

Next up on our tour, the crib. This so happens to be the same crib J-Lo used in her nursery. My motto, if it's good enough for Max and Emme, its good enough for Baby H.

Yes, I know. Baby's crib is naked. Naked as the day she was born. I have ordered fabric and at some point, will get started on making those linens. until then, naked crib is what you get.

This was my $49 craigslist purchase. It's not 100% what I wanted and Daddy will be making a trip up to Atlanta shortly to put the final touches on it (ie, fix the drawers so that they will open and close like drawers are suppose to) but size wise, it fits. Style wise, its French Provincial-esque...or French Provincial enough.

In this corner, we have all of the items we need but do not have permanent homes for yet. It's also where we are going to put the glider...I know it looks junky, one day, maybe, it wont?

This is just a terrible picture. I am not quite sure how I am going to manage to photograph the future light of my life when I can't even photograph her nursery light fixture. I'm pretty sure Baby H will come out of the womb shinin' like a rap mogul's bling.

Here is her closet (so far). Since I discovered Smocked Auctions (and subsequently found out that Husband knows the owner, guess they went to college together) I've kind of been on a buying frenzy. Husband says no more online shopping. I mainly ignore him.

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